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  • October Client of the Month - Victoria Swaysland, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    Congratulations to Victoria Swaysland who is our October Client of the Month!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Victoria started on the Better Body Programme in March. She has committed to all aspects of the programme including her workouts, nutriton and mindset. She has pushed herself and really achieved a lot.

    In just these short few months she has lost an impressive 10.5kg, 11.5cm from her waist and 7.5cm from her hips. Her attitude to her nutriton and also her mindset towards exercise has totally changed. Not only that, in her studio workout sessions she supports and encourages and pushes the other members of the studio and really adds to awesome community.


    How did you feel about your Health &Futness before you started in the studio?

    I was getting middle aged spread and was worried about impacts on my health as this increases risk of heart disease and diabetes amongst other illnesses . Also I had been going to a gym 3 to 4 times a week but was getting fatter and no difference in fitness! 

    What were you worried about before you joined?

    Was it going to work for me as I had personal trainers before .... didn’t see any results and hated every moment of it!
    What were your goals when you started?

    How are the sessions/BBG community?

    I am not someone who enjoys exercise but the classes are Fun due to the trainers and the people who train.  You are pushed  and I definitely fitter than I ever have been!  It genuinely feels like a supportive friendly community where everyone supports each other.

    How do you feel about your health and fitness now?

    I am the fittest I. Have ever been - although I am not about to embark on a triathlon as I still need to get fitter.
    The middle age spread has gone and my clothes are fitting so much better 

    What would you say to someone thinking about joining the programme?

    Persevere - the exercises will all get easier with time and you will get stronger and see results! 

    And the fabulous community created for BBG will keep you supported and motivated Plus ... it works !!!! I am slimmer, fitter with less body fat than I have had for years !


    October Client of the Month - Victoria Swaysland
  • September Client of the Month Is Melissa Langlands-Broad - A massive congratulations!!


    Melissa has been on our Better Body Programme since May and has made truly awesome progress.

    She has worked consistently hard in her studio training sessions and well as on her mindset and her nutriton and her hard work has really come to fruition.


    In just these 4 short months Melissa has lost an incredible 2 stone, 20cm from her waist, 9cm's from her hips, shoulders and thighs.

    She has improved her posture, she is much stronger and leaner and has really transformed her health and fitness.


    How did you feel about your Health &Fitness before you started in the studio?


    I didn't have much confidence in it, I had previously been really into running, swimming (wasn't really a gym person) and enjoyed it, but had really let things slip and after suffering a bereavement in 2017 found it really, really hard to get going with it all again. 


    What were you worried about before you joined?

    erm, everything! previously I'd go to the gym and not really know what I was doing, or how best to work out and would just stick to things like the bike, cross trainer and hope it was making a difference but it never really did. it was really demotivating so I never really went. I had no idea what to do with a kettle bell or TRX and had never really done exercise like this before. I was also worried I wouldn't 'like' the classes and wouldn't get in to exercise again. Ashely's confidence in me from the start and enthusiasm really helped to ease all of my worries. 

    What were your goals when you started?


    my goals were simple - lose weight and get fit. I knew I was carrying excess weight that didn't suit or fit well on my frame and it really bothered me. I wanted to feel confident about doing exercise again and feel good about it rather than nervous about even trying. I would get out of breath walking up the stairs and I just thought that has to change.


    How do you find the sessions/community?


    Absolutely brilliant. At my first class when I literally had no idea what to do I had so much encouragement from Jamie and the others in my class. I was slow, out of breath but I never felt that I was behind or was doing anything wrong - in fact the teaching that you get in the sessions is invaluable - it really is a learning process and all the trainers and everyone on the programme is asking questions and making sure you are doing all the right things. We may moan about burpees and hard circuits, but it really is worth it and it's amazing how much you can surprise yourself by just keeping going with it. the community is amazing - simple things like tips in the facebook group or the 21 day challenge which was amazing for me - you realise you are in this together with a group of strong, like-minded people who are also human but really encourage each other. The first 21 day challenge I did was quite early in (in June) and I stuck to it and managed to break so many bad food habits like snacking.   

    Doing challenges together like the recent tough mudder were brilliant as you can all come together as a team and have fun with it without feeling like you are dying! 


    How do you feel about your health and fitness now?


    I feel great.  I feel so much more confident in what I'm doing in the classes and it really is true - exercise is addictive. Plus having lost quite a lot weight as well as seeing a huge difference in toning up it makes me want to just keep going to see what I can do and what I could be capable of. 

    I never thought I'd be jumping out of bed on a Saturday morning to get to a class at 8am but its part of the routine now and I really enjoy it - if I have to move classes  around during the week because of work or general life then I really miss not going and look forward to my next session. 


    What would you say to someone who was considering joining the programme?


    Do it! even if you have misgivings, hangups or feel nervous about anything - everyone is there for you, it really doesn't matter. just give it a go and a try. Everyone is so supportive and you realise that so much of your hangups or lack of confidence is down to what's in your own head rather than what people actually think. Do it for yourself and also,  believe in yourself. and on the days you don't, then you've got fantastic trainers and a fantastic community there to help you along the way.


    Well done Melissa a supplement selection is on its way too you, keep up the amazing work πŸ‘





    df kj



    September Client of the Month - Melissa
  • Polly - Client of the Month August, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    Polly started on our Better Body programme in November last year and has made awesome progress. She has been awarded client of the month for August because

    Here's what she has to say:

    How did you feel about your Health & Fitness before you started in the studio?

    Pretty rubbish!  I was eating unhealthy and not finding time to do any exercise and was generally feeling bloated and unhappy about my health and fitness.

    What were you worried about before you joined?

    I was worried about not being able to find time to commit and not being able to change my nutrition habits.

    What were your goals?


    I wanted to lose weight and feel better about myself.

    How are the sessions/community?

    I love the sessions.  They are hard but the trainers give me the motivation to keep pushing and I've seen such a difference in my strength and fitness as well as my over all happiness.  The sense of community is great and the fact that you are training alongside others is great.  I also love the variety of the sessions and the fact that I always end up being proud of getting through them.  The support from the trainers is great too.

    How do you feel about your health and fitness now?

    So much better.  It's changed the way I approach everything.  I used to feel out of breath walking up the stairs at work and now do it even when the lift is right there!  I feel way healthier and am sleeping much better too.

    What would you say to someone thinking about joining the programme?

    Literally, just do it! Don't think twice, you won't regret it.  It's an amazing community and you will feel so much better!  

    Polly - Client of the Month August
  • Cathy - July 2018 Client of the Month, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    How did you feel about your health and fitness before you started in the studio?


    I was constantly tired, lethargic and feeling negative about myself. I was out of breath after one flight of stairs, very aware about my lack of any kind of strength and just desperately wanted to change things, and get strong! Having previously been quite fit in my late teens/early twenties from doing dance shows back in SA, being in the dance studio 4-5 times a week, I was angry with myself for having let it get so bad over 12 years in London in the rat race, I was just over it. My main motivation for joining wasn’t actually weight loss (I remember telling Ashley this just before I joined!) but actually to become strong, and if I lost weight in the process, then great...


    What were you worried about before you joined?


    I worried that I would find it too difficult, be embarrassed about my weight and lack of fitness, and that I would lose faith or interest and would give up too quickly. I realised very quickly that the supportive atmosphere in the gym between the ladies, and especially from the trainers during the sessions, was the different ingredient that I had never experienced before when embarking on previous failed ‘life change’ programs... it makes the world of difference and keeps me interested and having fun, all while getting stronger and becoming a better version of myself. The support and advice from Ash and Steph during the nutrition programs has been massively eye opening, too - I’ve realised that diets don’t work, it’s about educating yourself about what your body needs.


    What were your goals?


    To get strong. (Still an ongoing work in progress!!). And of course, to lose those centimetres along the way πŸ‘πŸ».


    How do you find the studio sessions and BBG community?


    Every session is different and challenging, but you feel safe and supported at all times. This is what sets the Better Body Studio apart from other gyms.


    How do you feel about your health and fitness now?


    Completely different. Not just because I’m 10+ kg lighter already, that helps, but I’m a fitter version of myself than I’ve ever been, and I’m looking forward to challenging myself more and more as I go on.


    What would you say to someone thinking about joining the programme?


    Just do it (copyright Nike!). Don’t overthink it, just get on with it and put the work in, be consistent, and have FUN with it. The trainers make it fun, so as long as you turn up and give it your all, you’re 3/4 of the way there πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻.


    Awesome job Cathy !!

    Cathy - July 2018 Client of the Month
  • Jane, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    I was so nervous when I joined as I had never done any exercise like this before. I need not have worried as the trainers were really understanding and encouraging and I went at my own pace without feeling any pressure from those around me. It’s such a friendly group of people who are very supportive of each other. I love the fact that every session is different and the time flies by. I am doing 3 sessions a week and it suits my busy lifestyle perfectly. I’ve seen amazing results, I’ve changed my eating habits and I am much more confident about myself. It’s been an amazing journey to date. Highly recommended"

  • Kejal, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    Kejal wanted to get into shape in time for her wedding. She had done little exercise over the past few years and wanted to look and feel batter and increase her confidence, especially with her big day coming up.

    She started on the better body programme and fully committed. She took part in the nutriton challenges, based around healthy eating habits no fad dieting, and got some awesome results. She comes to every session ready to go and put is 100% effort.



  • Osar, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    Oscar has been on our Better Body programme for a few months and has made awesome progress. He commits to the sessions every week, works hard on his nutriton, does the home workouts and his a feel joy to have in the studio.

    He came to us nervous about exercise as he has back problems, but our highly experienced team of trainers worked with him and he now loves every session. His whole attitude to exercise and fitness has changed.


    Just because you have an injury doesn't mean you can exercise and stay health. Keep up the great work Oscar.


    Congratulations Adele awesome job!! πŸ‘

    Adele had tried PT before, she had lots of allergies and wanted help to get fitter, healthier and feel better about herself.

    Most of her allergies have gone, she has lost an awesome amount of weight and feels so much about herself.

    She has deadlifted 105kg which is fantastic!!

    When you are determined and put your mind to something you can achieve what you want!

    Keep up the great work Adele 

     Listen to her story here

    March Client of the Month - Adele
  • Jane has been training with us since November last year and has made amazing gains and had great results.

    Since being in our Better Body programme 'It is the best thing she has ever done'. She feels stronger and fitter than she has ever felt before. She has a greater understanding and relationship with her food and diet, and loves her PT sessions each week. She has lost over 1.5 stone and is now wearing jeans she has had in her drawer for 10 years!!

    Listen to her story here and how you can be a part of this awesome community too ...

    February Client of The Month - Jane Lyde
  • Ann was was awesome Client of the Month for January.

    Her overall health and fitness has vastly improved. The goals she set herself a year ago she is reaching them and surpassing.

    πŸ˜…She enjoys and looks forward to every session. 

    Don't take our word for it....

    Well done Ann, you are a super star, keep up the awesome work!! Listen to her awesome inspiring story here

    Ann Cullen - Client of the Month for January
  • Laura has trained with us for the past 2 months, she started in October and has really changed her fitness and health lifestyle.

    She came to us with chronic back pain and so wanted to get rid of her back pain and also lose some unwanted extra pounds she has put on.

    She joined our semi private training programme and in 2 months has lost a stone in weight ans has now reduced her back pain that she only really gets twinges from it now and again.

    She really took a lot from all the nutritional advice from the programme as well and from her own mouth 'she actually found it an easy process" which is great!

    Well done Laura! We are sad you are moving away but really happy to have helped you achieve so much in the short time you were training with us.


    Laura Hatton

    A huge congratulations to Beth for being our Client of the Month for October. She has changed her whole perception of exercise and made it part of her life and everyday routine, and has really seen and felt the benefits!

    She has lost over 1.5 stone since she started, feels stronger, fitter and slimmer. Has made great friends and had fun at the same time which is what exercise should be.

    Listen to her story ...

    Beth - October Client of the Month
  • Rachel Callan, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    Rachel has been training with us in some form for nearly 4 years now.

    She has been in our semi private programme since January and says 'It is the best thing she has ever done'. She feels stronger and fitter than she has ever felt before. She has a gear understanding and relationship with her food and diet, and loves her PT sessions each week.

    Listen to her story here and how you can be a part of this awesome community too ...

    Rachel Callan

    Athina joined our 6 week programme to build her confidence, get stronger and feel sexier!

    She was nervous at first, but after her first session realised it is the best hing she has done in the last 5 years. Listen to her story and why you should just go for it ...

    Athina Lost 4 kgs in 6 weeks and feels more confident and Stronger
  • Listen to Aoibheann's inspiring journey back into fitness. She took art in our 6 week shred programme and achieved amazing results, losing 7.5cm from her waist, and 4 cm from her thigh.

    She has become so much stronger and fitter, and gained more definition in her arms by doing exercises she, and I imagine a lot of other women, never thought they could or would do.

    If you would like to feel the same then click here to book in a call with us to see how we can help you ==>

    Aoibheann's Amazing Journey Back To Fitness
  • Here is Jessica's story ...

    Hadn't Done Any Exercise For Ages ==>> Now Feels Stronger, Healthier Than Ever

    Lacked Motivation ==>> Now Has So Much More Confidence In All Aspects Of Her Life

    She wanted to be a great role model for her kids, like very mum, and got fitter, stronger and feels better than she has in a long time

    Jessica - More Cofident and Inspired
  • Peter, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    It was Christmas Day. Not one but two new shirts I couldn't do up the buttons of. This was before lunch. The night before I had been at a party and couldn't dance because my foot hurt and my back. Even though I do a fair bit of cycling, my general health had declined and in a year I had put on a stone. My wife Emma has been going to Ashley Green Fitness for a year and I had noticed how toned she has become. She suggested I join her. So in January I started going to Ashley's for two days a week, which was the first time I had ever set foot in a gym. My aim was to strengthen my core fitness which will enable me to cycle stronger and to also lose two stone to a target weight of 12st 4lbs in 8 months. In addition to the gym and a diet plan I cycle 100 miles a week. So, after two months I have already lost a stone, my mobility and fitness has greatly improved and my stamina on the bike has improved, particularly in recovering after a long cycle. I like Ashley's style and that of all the trainers, who push you but in a really controlled manner.

  • Mary, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    I wanted to lose weight and get in shape in time for my 40th birthday. I was a regular at Ashley’s Zumba class and decided to take it to the next level and started a one to one programme. With amazing support from AG Personal Fitness I completely overhauled my eating and training. I feel much stronger and more toned. I think the pictures speak for themselves …. I’m delighted with my progress.

  • Laura, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    In the past 9 months Laura has completed changed her health and fitness around and lost a staggering 106lbs!! Her confidence levels improved significantly as well as her energy levels. She now has a greater motivation and focus to stay fit and healthy and to keep it going.

  • Mark, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    Mark weighed 126kgs at the age of 36 years and was told by his doctor he needed to do something about his fitness before he became seriously ill. In 6 months and a lot of hard work he lost an amazing 20kgs, and reversed his type 2 diabetes!!

  • Sharon, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    I lost over 2 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes, gained more confidence and energy and even came off her anti depressants!! I initially started training with AG Personal Fitness in his semi private programme and was amazed at the results.

    I would totally recommend him especially if you are someone that struggles to motivate yourself to reach your goals.

  • Tim Stevens, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    I started training with Ashley about 4 months ago having tried one other trainer for the prior month and various failed experiments with gym memberships. I went into it with the aims of losing fat and building strength, both for health and cosmetic reasons. While I am already achieving both of those, the biggest benefit has come from Ashley’s work on my back and ankles – longstanding problems for me which have (fingers crossed) been solved. By building strength in these areas, Ashley has ensured I no longer suffer regular sprains and my back pain has entirely disappeared – something for which I am really grateful and is a tangible improvement in my quality of life. Aside from that, I really enjoy the sessions with Ashley. He is committed, thoughtful and focussed on my improvement (even at 6am!) and it really has an effect. Although they are the most painful, the morning sessions I do are brilliant – I get a huge energy buzz throughout the rest of the day which you just can’t buy. In addition, Ashley looks at my diet and makes an effort to create exercise plans for me when he is not around – I really feel I am learning about diet and exercise in my sessions, and he manages to do the whole thing while maintaining a sense of humour.

    Tim Stevens
  • David, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    I turned to AG Personal fitness after a prolonged busy period of work and two young children had left their toll on the waistline and energy levels. So far in the past 18 months, the results have been excellent including over a stone of weight loss, significantly improved strength, better posture and more consistent sleep patterns the lifestyle changes are sustainable and my nutrition as well as my families is so much better.

    I would highly recommend AG Personal Fitness for getting your fitness back on track.

  • Ellen, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    AG Personal Fitness are amazing!!! I’m in my late 40’s and I knew it wasn’t going to get any better and I needed to take some proper action. I used to be in constant pain from my lower back all the way down my legs.

    I now feel happier in myself, I’ve thrown out 1 wardrobe and re-gained another!! I’ve gone down nearly 3 dress sizes! I feel so much stronger and I’m out of pain!! And I feel motivated! It’s great!!

  • Gill, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    My results have been amazing!! I have lost almost 2 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes, back to a 12, in less than 4 months!! There is more to go obviously, but it is great fun and I’m now swinging kettlebells, holding planks for over a minute and have so much more energy.

    I would recommend AG Personal Fitness to anyone who wants to get fit, but also to anyone who thinks Personal training is not for them and would run a mile from a kettlebell. Give it a try! You will be amazed!

  • Susanna, The Better Body Guru Testimonials

    I started training Susanna about 9 months ago and she has made so many strides forward. All my clients have something they find difficult to change or an obstacle to overcome. For Susanna it was trying to fit training in to her already packed schedule and coming to terms with making the nutritional changes needed.

    The training was quite difficult to start with but she really applied herself over those few months and is now smashing it!! This month she was voted No 21 in FHM’s top 100 sexiest women! That's up 9 places since last year…and for a mother of three, in her forties, with a full on career – That’s quite remarkable!! Awesome Job Susanna!! n.b Susanna donated her Client of the Month prize, a Riverford Veg Box, to the local food bank!


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