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The Better Body Guru

Offering Personal training, and the Better Body Programme in South West London/Wandsworth

Our sessions all take place in our private training studio in Tooting Bec. Our members love the support, encouragement, and motivation provided in our friendly, family environment, ego-free studio. Our programmes cater for those looking to transform their body, who want to simply stay in shape and for those who have never done any exercise before.

Studio Workouts

Our studio workouts are designed to get you moving better, build strength and lean muscle, and burn fat. We will teach you valuable lifestyle changes through self-empowerment, self-education, behavioural change and mindset shifts to push your own physical capacity.


Nutriton Habits

We build nutrition habits to give you a positive relationship with food so you are never on a diet, you simply eat healthy and enjoy it. We coach you all the skills you need to stay in control of your nutriton for your lifetime.


Online Support

Private Facebook group for all our members providing support and motivation. We share recipes, tips, advice and a place to talk to other like minded people. Its easy to see and access is available 24/7.

Better Body Programme

Better Body Programme in London - The Better Body Guru


Zumba in London - The Better Body Guru

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How to avoid making BIG mistakes with your nutrition when eating out or ordering takeaway


CongratulationsAdele awesome job!! 👏 Adele had tried PT before, she had lots of allergies and wanted help to get fitter, healthier and feel better about herself. Most of her allergies have gone, she has lost an awesome amount of weight and feels so much about herself. She has .... Read more

March Client of the Month - Adele

Jane has been training with us since November last year and has made amazing gains and had great results. Since being in our Better Body programme 'It is the best thing she has ever done'. She feels stronger and fitter than she has ever felt before. She has a greater understanding and .... Read more

February Client of The Month - Jane Lyde

Ann was was awesome Client of the Month for January. Her overall health and fitness has vastly improved. The goals she set herself a year ago she is reaching them and surpassing. 😅She enjoys and looks forward to every session. Don't take our word for it.... Well done Ann, you are a super .... Read more

Ann Cullen - Client of the Month for January

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Better Body Programme in London - The Better Body Guru

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